Dynamic Group offers management services with a capable range that can address the needs of any target market.


There are many important aspects that contribute to the success of an effective hospitality management service. Characterized by our progressive expertise, we offer hotel management services with a capable range that can address the needs of any target market. These include, but are not limited to, full-service, all-suite, extended stay, select, and limited service operations.

Hotel management services by Dynamic Group encompass every important facet to ensure your lasting success - including crucial day-to-day operations, food and beverage, accounting, sales, marketing, and human resources.

We look forward to working with you to help your property achieve its potential. If you would like to talk with us about our hotel management services and capabilities, please contact us.

Dynamic Group is a noted leader in hospitality management operations. Our hotel management operations programs are efficient, time-tested, and cutting edge. Dynamic’s operations system is designed and led by a leadership group that has over 100 years of combined experienced hoteliers.

Dynamic Group is constantly auditing processes and reviewing operating procedures to improve our performance efficiencies. Dynamic Group employs various tools to ensure that all properties are performing optimally, including:

  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators and month-end comparative reports
  • Annual Employee Opinion Survey
  • LRA Brand Inspection
  • Internal Accounting Audits
  • GSI (Guest Satisfaction Index) measuring service performance
  • Internal Human Resources audits
  • Monthly financial performance
  • Risk management audit/safety initiatives

The mission of Dynamic Group is to grow as one of the most innovative, hard-working, and performance driven management companies in the hospitality industry. We do this by upholding the highest commitment to hire, train and develop the most talented team members, to take exceptional care of our guests, and deliver result driven financial success to our business owners, investors, and developers.

Treating our employees, guests, and owners with respect and honesty has been the cornerstone of our culture for generations. We exemplify these values in all that we do. When it comes to leadership, we believe in an open leadership approach at all levels, because it builds accountability and respect for all. We always focus on equitable business practices and developing our team through focused training.

Because Chattanooga is our home, we are passionate about cultivating relationships at the local level to support and give back to our community.





You don’t have to spend a lot of time with Roshan Amin before discovering his passion for entrepreneurship. Amin received his business degree from the University of Georgia where he studied economics. Shortly after graduation, Amin dove straight into his first business venture with Amin Brothers Partnership and successfully manage a team of over 30 employees, while overseeing the construction and development of Staybridge Suites - Hamilton Place.

Amin has not slowed down since then; his achievements include involvement in multiple assets where he manages each companies leadership respective of the assets. Amin believes that the most valuable part of the company is the people — the human capital.

Amin is currently the Marketing Executive of Arch Plastic Packaging, commercial developer and holds the distinguished position of President and CEO of Dynamic Group.

Always striving for progress, Amin keeps a finger on the pulse of the economy and stays on the hunt for new development opportunities. Amin is committed to finding innovative ways to reduce operational expenses while supporting the community that his venture serves.

Amin presides on a number Boards & Executive Teams advocating his home town of Chattanooga, TN with altruistic motives. His accolades boast his philanthropic characteristic by not only giving, but also sharing his most valuable assets of time and talents. Amin holds a seat on the McCallie's Alumni Council, Smart Bank's Local Advisory Board, Hunter Museum's Chairman Circle; and American Heart Association's Heart Ball - Executive Leadership Team to name just a few of his meaningful appointments.




With over 20 years of experience in the hotel industry, Bob Bhagat has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the hospitality profession. Besides earning a business degree in civil engineering, Bhagat gained valuable firsthand skills working as a civil engineer at J & J Construction. Bhagat has a proven ability to increase profits while satifying consumer demand. Bhagat truly understands the importance of how environment factors and structures must work together for optimal success.

Currently, Bhagat holds the position as partner and CFO at Dynamic Group. Bhagat is also partner of Country Inn & Suites, and two separate locations of Knights Inn and Crown Inn, located in Cumming and Stone Mountain Georgia.

Bhagat works persistently to ensure that properties achieve their potential and are properly managed for continued success.  Past and present experience has prepared Bhagat to be able to efficiently meet the needs of a quickly growing and changing community.




Charles Amin is a true entrepreneur and visionary. When Chattanooga was struggling through an economic depression in the 1980’s Amin saw opportunity. During this time, CBL announced plans for constructing Hamilton Place Mall. Realizing the advantage of being a first mover, Amin quickly developed hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and manufacturing plants in the area.

Since then, Amin has built sixteen motels and three manufacturing plants. These businesses have created many local jobs in retail, office administration, and industrial professions. Expanding to Augusta Georgia, Knoxville Tennessee, and Columbia, South Carolina in the restaurant market, Amin has obtained significant success in both hospitality management and the manufacturing industry.

Amin is passionate about his work and is committed to the continued growth and advancement of Chattanooga. As President and CEO of Arch Plastics Packaging, he has demonstrated this through the rapid expansion and growth of the manufacturing company. 

Dynamic Group began in the early 1980's during a nationwide recession. Despite these hardships, Dynamic Group’s Chairman Charles Amin, a Civil Engineer by trade, seized the opportunity to develop a 32-acre agricultural lot. A mere six months later, CBL Properties announced plans to build Hamilton Place Mall, Tennessee’s largest mall for over a decade. 

Developing the first of many Hampton Inns, Amin holds the honored distinction as the second licensed minority owner of Hampton Inn within the history of Hilton Hotels. Rapid growth necessitated the addition of a second member to Dynamic Group in 1992. Bob Bhagat, also a civil engineer by trade, was a key player in the development and operation of the third Hampton Inn in Dynamic Group’s portfolio. In the hospitality industry where timing, transportation, and accommodation are crucial, Amin and Bhagat, both with different strengths, complemented each other seamlessly. With detail-oriented minds, they knew how to identify their clients’ needs.

Dynamic Group also showed strength in the manufacturing industry. In 2006, Dynamic Group obtained its third manufacturing plant, one which Amin and Bhagat joined hands together to enter into pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing. During this junction, their talents crossed workspace environments, taking the qualities from each industry to make both their manufacturing business and hospitality business equally strong.

In 2007, Roshan Amin joined Dynamic Group. With a Business Degree from the University of Georgia, Amin wanted to see Dynamic Group reach new heights. With his lead, Dynamic Group created a new focus on corporate culture. Amin brought in key professional managers, and empowered them with the ability to make decisions for their respective property. Establishing budgets and forecasts, Amin was able to take manufacturing practices to create a standard operating procedure that permitted each team manager to have responsibility over their own department.

Scaling Dynamic Group has created more employment opportunities for the local community. Taking entry-level team members and challenging them to have personal and professional goals has ultimately led to improved customer service. Dynamic Group strongly believes in training and education. This path not only allows team members to grow professionally, but also enables them to become experts in hospitality, hone their skills and better serve the community.

Developing and evolving strategies to stay current with technology is important to Dynamic Group, and this has allowed the company to continue to raise the bar for the entire industry. With over 70 years of combined experience in hospitality, Dynamic Group has had a tremendous impact on Chattanooga. CFO, Bob Bhagat, takes the lead in construction, procurement, accounting practices, and maintaining properties; President & CEO, Roshan Amin, has a strong focus on team building, financial relationships, community leadership, seeking new opportunities, developing and nurturing teamwork environments and building sales networking in an ever-changing environment. The creation of over 2,500 jobs within the local community of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has become one of Dynamic Group’s most noteworthy achievements.